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Hi Jill, Trudy, and Austin,

Thank you so much for helping to get our dishwasher re-installed. It looks so much better. Curt and Jarod were absolutely wonderful!

Jill - you were right - we did measure correctly. The problem had something to do with a receptacle in the cabinet next to the dishwasher. It seems that 2 screws from the receptacle were sticking through the wall and blocking the dishwasher from being recessed. It did not take Curt very long to discover the problem!

Thanks for listening to our concerns.

Frances and Thomas


August 10, 2012

Mark Austin
Builder Specialties
6582 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071

Dear Mark,

When I first became aware of our PulteGroup's Georgia operations participation in building Aimee's Wing, I was proud of their willingness to step up and embrace the spirit of giving back.  We appreciate, however, that the construction of Aimee's Wing would not have been possible without your selfless act of kindness.

Whether it be through donating materials, your professional expertise and/or labor, your contributions were key in ensuring Aimee's Wing was built to accomadate her needs, designed to fit her personality, and most importantly, completed before she returned home from rehabilitation - in less than 40 days.

On behalf of our corporate team and all our 3,500 employees throughout the country, thank you for being a part of the PulteGroup family.  We are proud to call you a valued partner in building Aimee's Wing and especially in building homes for our customers.


Richard J. Dugas, Jr.
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

PulteGroup Inc

Subject: Re: Invoice

Dear Denise,

I just want to THANK YOU for all of your help in getting a copy of my invoice to me.  Few people are as nice and as helpful as you are.  I just want you to know that I appreciate your help and GREAT Customer Service.

Gail A

Dear Mr. Craig,

My husband and I would like to express our gratitude to your team for assisting us with the purchase and installation of two automated garage doors, and key-pad.  From Dave, to Creighton to Neftali, we were treated courteously and professionally.  Neftali even programmed our van to open both garage doors.  We had a great experience with Builder Specialties.  Thank you.

Elvin and Jennifer McNeil


I wanted to pass this along.  I know we always communicate the orders that have issues and we don't say thank you to you and your team for everything you do on a daily basis.  David Donaldson is the National Install merchant at Home Depot's corporate office and I wanted to make sure you knew that the extra time and care David Jones from your team took on this job was not missed by the Home Depot executives.  Your team is doing a great job servicing the Home Depot installs and I just wanted to make sure you know we realize and appreciate the awesome job you guys are doing.



I wanted to pass along my observation and impression of Specialty's Technician David Jones, Badge # 1385913-002-183105.  In response to PO# 11427661, Store: 0111, Customer Altman, Michael. This install was for three garage doors, two on the main garage and one on an "ancillary" garage, adjacent to the main.  (Sometime referred to as a boat garage or storage).  In this case, it is a storage room, like a mini-warehouse.  Apparently, the measure was performed from the inside and outside of the main garage while the third was measured from the exterior only. I say this because when the technician arrived to install, this storage area was crammed completely full top to bottom, stem to stern.  David proceeded to pursue to install the two main doors and when I arrived to perform my Technical Inspection, he was beginning to move the storage room contents so that he could complete the install without causing the customer to incur any additional charges due to a new trip.  He said that he felt it was his responsibility to do whatever necessary to make the install smooth for the customer. He could have quite easily said to the customer that the garage needed to be clean, so that he could install the door, and that the measurer should have told them that, but he didn't.  I do not know how these guys are paid, whether it is by the job or by the hour, but this obviously took him considerable time to accomplish and I wanted to make sure you were aware of his commitment to the customer. It is the installers, like David, that will ensure that we demonstrate that The Home Depot is taking active strides in our goal of being the number one service company, with regards to customer satisfaction, in the business, rather than just paying "lip service" to the commitment. Please pass along my sincere thanks to David and his management.

My sincere thanks,
Benjamin N. Bishop
Regional Compliance Manager
Home Sales & Services
Home Depot U.S.A., Inc.

Thanks very much for your help today.  I have had a very pleasant experience doing business with you and appreciate you working with me on the travel issues I have.

There was one other item I forgot to mention though, which is to ask for you to give the installation manager my compliments for the two installers who came out to set the new units up.  Jeff Beam and John Hill have to be two of the best service/installers I’ve had the pleasure of working with in a post sales experience.

  • I’m a neat freak, and when I asked them as they pulled out one unit if they could work on another while I vacuumed and cleaned up a bit, Jeff’s reply was “no need, we’ll clean up back in there as part of setting up the new stuff”. I have had more than my fair share of appliance service and installation experience and can assure you that is NOT an attitude I have often encountered!
  • The new dishwasher required an outlet and so I was expecting a quick and dirty box nailed just barely out of the way somewhere, but instead John cut out a section in the cabinetry so that it could be flush mounted like it was always there just waiting
  • I had issues with the last appliances leaking and messing up the finished basement ceiling below, and these two gentlemen seemed just as concerned things were done to minimize future mishaps as I was. They applied a bubble level to every appliance to ensure optimal performance, and when the dishwasher wasn’t exactly flush on one side they pulled it completely out to move the obstruction (a copper water line which ran to the ice maker)
  • I travel a lot, and so as a matter of practice I make sure I understand where cut off valves are, how things are piped, electrical, etc because if my wife should ever call I have to be able to explain what she should do should I not be home.  Both John and Jeff patiently answered all my questions, and politely put up with my over-the-shoulder watching so that I knew how things were set up.

I pay attention to the little details both professionally and in my home, and found it very refreshing to know that there are some others out there who also obviously take pride in the work that they do. Please extend my thanks to them.



We are thrilled! The men who installed the doors did a great job.  They worked diligently on our funky door situation, and they were friendly and informative as well.  They deserve a gold star!  It's a pleasure to see skilled people at work.
The doors are tight as a drum, so I know we'll appreciate that feature for a long time.  And they are MUCH quieter than the old doors--all we hear now is the hum of the opener, instead of the rattle of the doors!  I'm happy with the window shape, and the doors will be gorgeous after we get the house painted : )

I am writing to express my appreciation for the work your company and key personnel did to assist with my 2009 Viking Appliance order. This project was quite complex due to the specialty appliance items, compressed scheduled and difficult delivery conditions.  I was in daily contact with Linda Hosea, and her patience and professionalism is unmatched in my experience. She was more than willing to do whatever it took to get the job done and meet our schedule.

Thanks again,


Building a new house while raising two small boys is very stressful.

Luckily we used Builder Specialties for all of our kitchen appliances, fireplaces, garage doors and chimney caps. They were extremely professional, prompt and very friendly and incredibly patient through all of my appliance revisions. It was such a relief to have experts to rely on for so many important and expensive decisions. We had considered ordering our 48" refrigerator online to save money...thank goodness we didn't! When it arrived and the doors were slightly uneven, Builder Specialty ordered a service visit from GE on our behalf. When the GE service tech couldn't fix the problem, Builder Specialties sent their own service techs out who immediately took care of the issue and then gave me useful pointers for all of my other installed appliances. I can't say enough about Builder Specialties incredible customer service. Thank you so much!!


Dear Jill,

The delivery went beautifully.  The men were knowledgeable and nice and careful of my newly finished floors.  Very impressive. The appliances look beautiful and I am very pleased!

I want to thank you so much for your thoughtful assistance in selecting and buying my range, OTR, dishwasher, and laundry machines.  You are a terrific saleswoman and I appreciate your extending yourself to help me select the particular pieces you found for me. Can't wait to use them! That will have to wait since I am just taking delivery of my long term storage and sea freight this week.  I hope to get into the house by the weekend.

All the best,



Just wanted to say thanks for everything you did for us. We love our new garage doors. The installer (Thomas) was great - very nice and did a great job, as well. Please let his boss know we were very happy with him.



My customer (Wiley Rabitsch with TWR Const.) called yesterday and went out of his way to repeatedly complement our delivery /installation crew who came on 1/18 to do his appliance installs. He said 'those guys went above and beyond' to work with his carpet man who happened to end up there at the same time. He said it was really refreshing to see a subcontractor who cared about the overall job as well as the work of other subs. He also, of course, asked for the same guy for his next three orders.

Your crew(s) is selling our services by their actions on the job. Please thank them both or Derrick if he did both different sets of deliveries!


Thank You!


Last week I had one of your repairmen (Guy Parker) come to fix my fireplace and I just wanted to let you know that he did a fabulous job. My fireplace is better than it has ever been. He took his time, he spent his time well and he just did an awesome job and I wanted to give you a heads up and him kudos. Thank you so much - great job!



I just wanted to follow-up and let you know the service tech was here today and did an excellent job – the fireplace is working great and is as clean as the day we had it installed – He was very thorough and knowledgeable.  

We were very pleased with his service and the fireplace looks and works great! 


I just wanted you to know that Guy Parker fixed my fireplace today and explained everything to me and he was wonderful and I just wanted to be sure that you all knew how lucky you are to have him and I am so glad that you sent him to help me. So, I just wanted to be sure that Guy Parker gets the recognition he deserves because he is really outstanding, he was so nice and you are just very fortunate to have him. Thank you!

Joy G.

Subject: Joe McGuire and my Fireplace.

Just wanted to let you know that Joe McGuire was out to my house yesterday – on time - and got the problem taken care of.  He was very nice.  He brought a big drop cloth to put down and when he left, you could not tell he had been in my house.
I appreciate your help in getting the problem taken care of and I will be able to enjoy my fire for the rest of the winter.
Thanks again,

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